Take control

of your data

Honu is SaaS data processing pipeline
which easily stream large volumes of events
from your applications to Hadoop, Hive & Spark


A client side SDK to easily generate and collect your events

 - Self-Service Client SDK
 - Schema-Less API          


Because understanding the Hadoop eco-system takes time, we manage and maintain the service for you on the Amazon AWS Cloud

Hive & Spark Ready

 - Native Spark integration for In-Memory analysis             
 - Native Hive integration, for an easy SQL like experience


Honu eco-system includes:

  - An SDK to generate structured or semi-structured events.
  - A backend engine, to collect Your data.
  - A batch pipeline natively integrated with Hadoop and Hive
  - A real-time aggregator for when time matters
  - A network of partners to leverage the full Hadoop eco-system

You can read more about Honu OSS, at http://www.slideshare.net/jboulon/

Honu Enterprise

One click deployment on Amazon AWS Cloud

  - You generate the data.
  - We collect your data
  - We store your data on Amazon S3
  - You analyze your data using EMR-Hive

Please email us at info@calistream.com!